Lemlandin rukous- ja kurssikeskus




August 15 Antti in Tampere
August 27-30 Helena and Antti at Orisberg
September 1-7 Antti in Jerusalem at ECI-meetings
September 14-18 Ebenezr prayergathering in Lemland
October 7-28 Antti in Nepal
November 14 Antti and Helena In Espoo with TV 7
February Helena and Antti in Colombia
April 20-24 ECI-prayergathering in Bryssels
June 11-18 Prayerweek in Lemland
August 25-28 Prayerweek in Orisberg
September 5-12 Helena and Antti in Jeruslem at ECI-gathering
November Antti in Nepal

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