Lemlandin rukous- ja kurssikeskus






We teach the Bible and preach. God has given us three different ministry gifts. We both have the gift of teaching the Bible.


Helena deepened her theological knowledge at the Turku University for three years. In 2007-2008 she was pastoring the Pentecostal Church of Mariehamn in Åland helping it to heal. After 2008 we have been full time workers in our own association.


All Over the World

We get invited to preach in Finland and different parts of the world all the time. We do consistent missions work in Columbia and Nepal at the moment. In Columbia we also want to help in the building project of the church in Caucasia. In Nepal we have building project of a buffalo farm together with Himalayan Trinity Mission in Kuri village. We want to support the education of children and youth in both Columbia and Nepal.


In Belgium we take part in the European Coalition for Israel Prayer Conference each year.


We minister everywhere together with local churches and movements. Because we work across denominational boundaries, we visit meetings organized by various kinds of Christian movements, organizations and denominations. We have been frequenting different prayer conferences.


Altogether, we have visited about 60 countries and love to receive invitations from different parts of the world. In the affluent western world the inviter takes care of the costs of our visit, but in developing countries we take care of our own expenses as much as possible.


We love to teach about God's thoughts concerning Israel. Our calling has widenend over the years. We have been able to travel all over the world preaching and teaching and thus fulfilling the Great Commission.


We preach in Finnish, Swedish and English.


We are part of worldwide prayer networks and take part in international intercessory events and conferences as God leads.


Helena has also been speaking at ladies' events in Finland and abroad.


Seeking the Lord in the peace of countryside

We live in a little country village here in Åland with a traditional farming milieu. This is great as far as intercession is concerned because we can seek God and his guidance uninterrupted in quietness before ministry trips. We feel God has led us here and we are expecting to keep living here in the archipelago. This is a good place to arrange small prayer and teaching events at. Friends of the work can also come and rest here or arrange their own Christian event in our facilities. We can take part in teaching if necessary. A place like this received from God belongs to Him. This is why we seek after his guidance in everything. You are very welcome to come and seek the Lord with us.

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