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The purpose of this home page is to give an introduction to the preaching and teaching ministry of Helena and Antti Hämäläinen.


Åland Prayer Ministries

We like to work as a couple complementing each other. God has given us a calling to minister across denominational boundaries. A mission like this does not always fit directly in the traditional program of a church or a denomination. For this reason we ourselves have made initiatives for the fulfillment of our calling while being members of local churches in Åland.

In 1990, we founded a registered association called Åland Prayer Ministry, through which we have been ministering in Finland and dozens of other countries in all parts.



Helena's background and identity are Pentecostal and Antti is Lutheran. Helena served five years in a Pentecostal church in Vaasa in the beginning of the 1980's, which is when we met and got married.

After studying together at a theological seminary, we moved to Åland, an island off the south coast of Finland, to minister with the local interdenominational Social Mission in June 1986. We had a counseling ministry with them for four years, while Antti began travelling internationally with intercessory groups. Our daughters Anna and Johanna were born in 1986 and 1988. They are now married and both have one child.


Lemland Prayer and Conference Centre

In the spring of 1988 we purchased together with Bengt Gruner an old school building in the Lemland district to be the visible basis for our spiritual ministry. We made our home in the former teachers apartment, which we got renovated. The classrooms have been serving as great meeting and dining halls. We have been conducting Christian events and meetings here now for over 20 years.


Guest House

In February 2007, we bought the neighboring house and a piece of land from the Lemland municipality. After having remodeled it for a few years we are now able to accommodate our guests. The guest house has given us more and more to do since 2009. We are still planning to build a kitchen and dining facilities in the basement.

The Prayer and Conference Centre is used for teaching the Bible, for prayer and for praise. The purpose is that we together with our guests might be able to be in touch with the living God and learn to know Him more deeply.




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